200 OK is not enough

Continuous Integration Testing

Application health is more than a status code.

 Make sure the work is actually getting done, not just that it appears to be.

No zombie processes.

  Traditional HTTP health checks only see the surface.

Asserted lets you go deeper.

  Integration test your entire stack in production.

Test Anything

Test deeply.

Write tests for whichever operations or APIs you like.
  • User Creation and Removal
  • Content Uploads
  • Search Result Contents
  • Beacon Event Processing
  • Recommendation Suggestions
  • Cart Checkout
  • SSL Expiry Check
Try it now

Flexible tests written in Mocha

Interactive Example

Built in Node.

No need to learn new frameworks, libraries, or patterns.

Test your application in production the way you test it in development.

Once the tests work locally, push them to us and we'll use them to monitor your application.

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