Ensure commitments are met and quantify downtime

SLA Monitoring

Everyone has downtime.

 Use Asserted to monitor your vendor's APIs and you'll know when errors occur and how long they last.

Vendor status pages can be misleading.

  Errors can go unreported, or may only effect you.

With third-party SLA monitoring by Asserted, you know where the problem is sooner.

Pre-Built SAAS Tests.
We have existing tests for many SAAS vendors. You can subscribe to those notifications or extend the tests for your own use.
Write your own.
Extend pre-built tests, or create your own from scratch. With the inclusion of custom dependencies you even use the vendor client or SDK.
Full Implementation.
Your time is valuable, so we offer a range implementation services. We can build and maintain custom SLA monitoring for you. Contact us to learn more.
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