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per month
  • 2 Routines
  • Run as often as every 5 minutes
  • 15 minutes of runtime per day
    (~ 45,000 API calls per day)
  • Fixed dependencies
  • Notify by email, Slack, or phone
  • No included SMS messages
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starting at

per month
  • Starting at 4 Routines
  • Run as often as every minute
  • Starting at 40 minutes of runtime per day
  • Custom dependencies
  • Notify by email, Slack, or phone
  • 50 included SMS notifications
Start Free
  • Unlimited Routines
  • Run every minute
  • Per-second billing
  • Custom dependencies
  • Notify by email, Slack, phone, webhook
  • Unlimited SMS notifications
Coming Soon
Common Questions

Not quite convinced?

Talk with us in chat or send any questions to ask@asserted.io
This pricing seems weird/bad/dumb/high/low
We're still figuring it out. Ping us at ask@asserted.io or the chat bubble, and I'm certain I can work something out for you.
What is a "Routine"?
Think of it like a repository in Github, same concept. It's a collection of Mocha tests that all run as a group.
What does "fixed dependencies" vs "custom dependencies" mean?
Free plans only have access to a fixed set of dependencies. They are usually enough for most use cases, and are listed here.

For paid plans, you can add any dependencies you like. So if you need to use a specific library, SDK, or client, you can do that on a paid plan.
Can I use SMS notifications on the Free plan?
You can, but there are no SMS messages included, so you have to purchase extra SMS packs.

The extra SMS messages never expire, and are only used after your plan SMS (if any) are used up for the current billing period.
Is there a discount for annual billing?
Not yet, but that is coming soon.
What is your cancellation policy?
You can cancel any time and you won't be billed again, any extra SMS you purchased cannot be refunded at this time.

Cancel directly in the app, no need to contact support.

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